It’s time to dream again. To
believe in the power of You. To believe you have a purpose and go after it with Passion, Intention, Gratitude and Grace (PIGG).
Because anything is possible When PIGGs Fly.   

 Anything Really Is Possible When PIGGs Fly

Growing up with the last name, Pigg, jokes and snorting noises were a painful part of my daily existence. But everything changed one afternoon when mom showed me how my name actually meant that anything was possible for me. And then many years later when I earned my pilot’s license I was sure that if this Pigg could fly, then anything really was possible.

For the last 30 years of my adult life, I’ve routinely and voluntarily plunged into often precarious situations with the expressed intent of growing and living beyond the expectations of others. And while I’ve had my share of spectacular wins, I’ve also had excruciatingly painful losses. But in the losses I’ve learned lessons that made future wins even sweeter.

What I know for sure is that four powers have played a pivotal role in my wins, and the lack of one or more of them have played a pivotal role in my losses. These four powers are Passion, Intention, Gratitude and Grace, and together they form The PIGG Principle, which states, “When You Pursue Your Passion with Intention, Gratitude and Grace, Anything is Possible.”

Each of the four powers has a specific meaning as it applies to The PIGG Principle. But when they’re aligned in the pursuit of your dreams, nothing and no one can stop you.


  I’m Martin Pigg. I’m                          an Author, Speaker                            Coach and the CFO                            (Chief Flying Officer)                        at When PIGGs Fly.                            For fun I fly airplanes                      lift weights and                                    occasionally wear a                            Speedo on stage.


Are You Ready To Live Your Anything is Possible Life?