You can become what you might’ve been regardless of your age, past pain or current circumstances.

Because It’s Time combines two power-packed guides, Change Your Story…Change Your Life (Mindset) and The PIGG Principle (Strategy), in one guaranteed formula for creating the epic life you deserve based on the intentional pursuit of your greatest passion.

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Change Your Story…Change Your Life is based on the idea that our lives are a story that we create, live and share with the world about who and what matters most to us. What I know from experience is that most of us are living a story based on our fears, self criticisms and disappointments combined with the fears, criticisms, disappointments and expectations of our friends, family and society. 

In this guide I give you the mental and emotional tools you need to take control of your personal narrative, that voice inside of you that is responsible for the story you are living right now. And what you’ll discover is that when you take control of your personal narrative you have the power to create the life of your dreams.


Mindset may be 80% of the game when it comes to achievement and the 20% that constitutes a successful strategy may seem small at first. But all of the confidence and belief in yourself is worthless if you don’t have a rock solid plan for getting to where you want to go.

The PIGG Principle is the all-passion, no-pressure, guaranteed strategy for finding and living your purpose, based on my 50 year connection to purpose, helping other people find their purpose and my own path to finding my purpose which I am blessed to live every day.


Whether you’re aware of it or not, your mind is engaged in warfare against itself! And unless you are prepared to go to battle for the life you want, you will likely live the life others expect. And I know from experience that the expected life is unworthy of your presence on this planet!

Maybe you’re uncomfortable with the idea of your mind as a battleground. But understand that your brain is wired to choose safety over your soul’s need to express itself. That’s why overcoming the inertia of safe choices requires the mindset of a warrior who is prepared to risk everything for the chance to live authentically.