Hey, I’m Martin…


          I’m Martin Pigg. I’m an                      Author,  Speaker and Coach            at When PIGGs Fly and I help            people find and live their                  purpose in life through the              intentional pursuit of their              greatest passion. For fun I                fly airplanes, lift weights                  and occasionally wear a                    speedo on stage.

Life was hard as a kid with the last name, Pigg, until mom told me how police in the 60’s took the derogatory use of the word, Pig, and created an acronym which stood for pride, integrity and guts. She told me that I also had pride, integrity and guts, and that because I had an extra G in my name, it meant that I had twice as many guts as anybody else. Mom’s story was my introduction to the idea that anything was possible for me.

Growing up, folks often used the phrase “when pigs fly” when they believed that something was impossible to achieve. But with my last name and mom’s story of my invincibility, I chose to use the phrase as fuel to prove the doubters wrong. And then many years later when I earned my pilot’s license I was sure that if this Pigg could fly, then anything really was possible.


What I’ve learned from five decades of observation, my coaching practice, thousands of hours of personal development work and my own personal experience, is that the single most important question we can ever ask ourselves is this:

“Why am I here?”

And I’ve also learned that the best way to find and live our answer to the question is through the intentional pursuit of our greatest passion.

I can say with certainty that I’ve accomplished everything that has ever really mattered to me, including starting an international business, flying airplanes, entering bodybuilding competitions in my 50’s (that’s the Speedo part) and the soul-inspiring work I do now, as well as healing from profound personal loss, with Passion, Intention, Gratitude and Grace (PIGG).

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

01 Mom taught me how to smoke when I was 8 years old

Well actually, she taught me how not to smoke. While Mom never touched cigarettes, Dad was a heavy smoker. Walking home from school one afternoon I found a half-smoked cigar in the street and told Mom I wanted to smoke it. I put it in my mouth as she lit the end and told me to take the deepest breath I possibly could. With my lungs on fire and a burning cough that lasted at least five minutes I decided that smoking wasn’t as much fun as it looked. And I never had the urge to smoke again.

02 – I went to the slammer after I graduated from college.

In the small Texas town where I lived, the best paying jobs were teaching and guarding inmates, and guarding inmates paid more than guarding kids. So I spent four years in the slammer before making a teargas- induced escape.   

03 – My favorite cheat foods are sushi and nigiri

Most people dieting for bodybuilding competitions choose food that is really a guilty pleasure, like pizza and hamburgers. Not me! Give me a place to eat great sushi and nigiri and I’m in culinary heaven.

04 – I narrowly avoided being kidnapped during a desperate search for love

It wasn’t my intention to marry Kristina when we met for the first time in Tbilisi. But her family had other plans.

05 – Mom’s the reason I entered a bodybuilding competition at 48.

It had been 28 years since I picked up a weight. But something clicked when Mom gave me a gym membership for my birthday. I threw myself into working out and in 2018 I entered a competition. Training for the competition taught me valuable lessons I could use in other areas of my life. And now I’m hooked on competing.

06 – Every time I pass a Popeye’s I fight the urge to pull in for a biscuit

Fortunately, I don’t succumb to the urge very often. But I’ve had their delicious biscuits many times in the past and I have to force myself to look away as I go by.

07 – I’ve flown volunteer missions for Pilots ’n Paws

Pilots ‘Paws is a nonprofit organization that works with volunteer pilots to fly dogs rescued from high kill shelters to their new forever homes.

08 – I’m likely the only former American prison guard to start a successful business selling oilfield equipment to Russian oil companies.

It’s a crazy story and one where the business was stolen from me by another former prison guard. But much of what I learned about myself and my ability to succeed comes from the struggles and sacrifices that went into making that venture successful.

09 – You may know her from Dancing With The Stars

But I know her as the friend who comforted me on the worst day of my life. Carrie Ann was the person I reached out to as paramedics tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate Mom. And her call with me that night gave me a small island of peace in an ocean of sadness.

10 – Thank you SAK Comedy Lab for helping me restore my creativity.

Diving headfirst into improv comedy gave me the creative jolt I needed to get my life and my work back on track.