Are you ready to train your               PIGG to fly?

           It sounds like a funny                         question, right? But when                 your answer is “YES” you                 have the opportunity to                     create the life you really                     want to live.

           Sound good? Read on.   

I’m Martin Pigg. I’m the Author,  Speaker and Coach at When PIGGs Fly. I help people find and live their purpose in life through the intentional pursuit of their greatest passion. For fun I fly airplanes, lift weights and      occasionally wear a speedo on stage.



As PIC (Pilot-in-Command), I inspect my aircraft to determine if it’s airworthy before every flight. As PIC of your life, what are you doing to create a life that’s airworthy? An authentic and passion-filled life that blends your unique gifts with your reason for being here? It’s not a problem if your answer is “Not much,” because I have the solution. Train your PIGG to fly! Because Anything is Possible When PIGGs Fly.

PIGG stands for Passion, Intention, Gratitude and Grace, which are the four energies that form the foundation of The PIGG Principle. Here’s the principle:

“When you pursue your Passion with Intention and Gratitude, your passion with become your purpose or lead you to it. And when you live with Grace, you help other people find and live their purpose.”

Each of the four energies has specific elements for finding and living your purpose in life. But when combined, they create the most direct route from where you are to where you want to go. And all of what you’ve just read is based on my 50-year familial connection to passion and purpose, my work as a coach and training my own PIGG to fly, which is my I’m blessed to live my purpose every day.

So if you’re ready to live an authentic life that’s filled with passion and growth, plus the opportunity to make the world better because you were here, then it’s time to become the PIC of your life and train your PIGG to fly.

Are You Ready To Train Your PIGG To FLY?